Enter to win the grand prize of $500 dollars.

We are looking for 6 rebels to help shape our new entertainment experience. If selected, you will transform our tour experience through feedback and by creating your own takeover version. You will compete against 5 other rebels to win the grand prize. The best takeover will win the grand prize of $500. Runner-ups will be awarded $100.00 each. There may also be an opportunity to stay on with The Great Takeover after the contest as our rebel crew working to promote the tours or work as a Takeover Leader. Up for the takeover challenge? Enter before May 17th.

Rebels we are looking for

1.You must be at least 21 years old
2.Have an appreciation for history,theater, or education
3.Must be in Savannah over the summer (2016)
4.Be willing to get creative and spend time creating your own takeover
5.Love social media
6.Feel comfortable speaking in front of people

Have questions? Take a look at our FAQs and get in touch if you still have questions

We heart creative people so get on board if being creative is your passion! Students are welcomed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Make a short video showing us your personality (up to 5 minutes long) telling us about yourself. Let us know how you have creatively transformed or changed a project, product, or service in the past. Submit your video below. Get creative with your video!!!!
You will go on our current beta tour and give us feedback. After, you will be given the opportunity to take the content of the tour and put your own creative spin on it. Look at it like a makeover challenge.
We will select our final canidates in mid-May and begin doing in -person interviews. This process may take up to two weeks. Once selected, we will hit the ground running and dig into the tour. There may be opportunities to stay on with company after and help with promoting the tours and social media.
Your creative tour ideas may be used on our tour experience. There may also be an opportunity to stay on with The Great Takeover as a tour guide or as a promoter.
The tour is on Savannah’s history but is told through 6 degrees. Its a hybrid of tour and game.
We will let you know through email. It is highly recommeded that you leave a phone number in your bio just in case we cannot reach you through email.

We spot a rebel. Are we right? Enter the contest below. PLEASE SUMBIT YOUR VIDEO BEFORE MAY 17TH