Work With Us

Our Goal
Create a tour that is Malcom Gladwell meets game night (Jimmy Fallon style). Are we there yet? Heck no. Join our tour so we can make changes based on your feedback.


Change starts with us

A new conversaton on Savannah’s history needs to begin. We intend to stir it up.

Staying true

 A genuine story  and dialogue will drive change.

Our Mission and Our Name

It should be no secret that our name was inspired by the craft beer tap takeovers. The same concept is applied to what we to do. We plan to takeover different aspects of Savannah and shake them, turn them upside down and right side up to create excitement and drive change.
Our Goal
Donate a portion of profits to a charity we believe in within the first year of business.

Leading the Takeover

Ivelisse Cananoglu

Founder and lead tour guide

The geek in me loves history and over analyzing everything, but the creative in me is always looking for an excuse to throw a party, have a geeky game night, or get lost in a creative project.  This company is a way to blend both and hopefully rock your socks off.

Things I Love

Craft beer


Meditation and Yoga

Creative projects


Slaphappy humor

Crazy ideas

Who gives a hoot

Calling all locals or anyone who has information on Savannah. We are always on the hunt for local stories and interesting content to enhance our tours. Get in touch and give us a teaser and will get in touch if we are interested.  Here’s your chance to shape a tour in Savannah.


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