We are looking for the brave and bold to try out a new free Savannah tour. This is a fast- paced non-traditional history tour that mixes in games and stories . We are looking to show you the quirky side of Savannah and have fun doing it. There are two ways to join the experience. Just preview one degree or experience all degrees. If you are ready to charge ahead with us, read the FAQS and click on the experience that you can join.


If you like comprehensive architectural or history tours of Savannah or if you are a history buff that is looking to debate historical interpretations, THIS TOUR IS NOT FOR YOU. We would be happy to recommend a few tours for you. Just get in touch.

Select an experience below. Click anywhere on the images.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A beta tour is where we test out content and games on a selected group and ask for feedback. It will be a 2 hour tour and a survey will be completed at the end. It will be brief but your opinions will shape our future tours. Just look at it as the gift you bestowed upon Savannah.
Yep. You need to be 18 and up.
11:00 AM-1:00 PM. The beta tour will run a little over 2 hours because we will ask you to fill out a survey at the end.

The one degree experience will run 30 minutes and is offered on Saturday at 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM.

The full tour lasts 2 hours and will go through all degrees and will travel through downtown Savannah. The one degree experience will just give you a taste of one degree and last 30 minutes. You will stay in one square for the complete 30 minutes but still includes a game and will move within the square.
We encourage you to bring a drink because it might make us funnier. Breakfast adult beverages are recommended so you won’t look like a complete drunk.  If you get too rowdy on the tour, we will ask you to leave.
The tour is on Savannah’s history but is told through 6 degrees.There are games along the way to keep you excited and entertained.
The group will be divided into two groups and you will compete against each other throughout the tour. For the Beta Tour, there will not a grand prize but just hugs and appreciation for helping us out.
This is a fast paced tour and will involve a lot of walking (a little over a mile in distance). Wear comfortable shoes for sure.