Savannah Bachelorette Themes Part II

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Artwork by Morgan Lawrence

by Morgan Lawrence
 Some local favorites and newcomers make the list of restaurants and bars that you can draw inspiration from in part two of our Savannah Bachelorette Themes. Missed part one? Read part one here.

Inspiration: Treylor Park, Hitch, Savannah Smiles, and Saddlebags

Get “Down and Dirty” with your girls at these country themed restaurants and bars in downtown Savannah.

There’s no place like the south to get in touch with your country roots. Savannah’s gorgeous scenery and down to earth “casual meets classy” vibe is the perfect place to set a country themed party or wedding. Want to extend that theme into your bachelorette party? Savannah’s most fun and stylish bars make it easy. Float from place to place with to-go cup in hand as you check out four different bars and restaurants that could melt any country girl’s heart.

The theme: Country

Saunter into any of our laid back establishments with your best set of boots on, and for the most devoted, sport your spurs. For a full ensemble, go with a classic checker, flannel top, or personalize it with a basic tank that reads anything from, “This Country Chick is Gettin’ Hitched” to “My Last Ride Before I’m the Bride”. This move will surely receive bonus points and maybe even a free drink when you slide up to the bar at Hitch, Treylor Park, Savannah Smiles, or Saddle Bags. And don’t forget to don a cowgirl hat, a great accessory for those of us who don’t want to worry about what your hair looks like all night – now you can just have fun! For extra Bridesmaid’s brownie points, create goodie bags and hand out accessories like a plastic reusable drinking cup that shouts, “HEELS OFF BOOTS ON!” that you and your girls can use as you drink your way through Savannah’s sweet comfort bars. Or, go with drink koozies, hay confetti, some horseshoe bling, and customized bandanas.


Treylor Park & Hitch

For dinner and some early drinks, look no further than Treylor Park and Hitch. Both owned by the same duo of restaurateurs, these two eateries take classic southern American food and give it an inventive twist. Even more impressive? Treylor Park and Hitch each have different menus within this theme. Enjoy ingenuitive entrees like the Shrimp and Grits Tacos, delicious little fried pockets filled with grits glory. Pair any of these dishes with a drink from their impressive cocktail list, like the Flying Wasp and prepare to ‘Dig It’. Most notable at Treylor Park is the beer garden; a cozy outdoor, and garden-green section prepared especially for those who want to get an early start on a long night out.


Savannah Smiles

A tourist’s favorite, Savannah Smiles is a jostling, country feel-good, dueling piano bar. The vibe here is so contagious that you can’t walk into this place without letting your hair down. The pianists know how to play songs that give everyone a good time. If your #squad loves to sing, you’ll be the best bridesmaid in all of history for introducing this place into their night. Bring singles and you can bribe the pianists to play your song or get a saucey note up on stage for all to see (might we suggest “Take another shot, the bride is tying the knot”). Stick around long enough and you might get a chance to partake in the bartender’s nightly song and dance when they welcome all to shimmy, shimmy, shimmy!


Be sure to enjoy yet another popular, homegrown, country bar, seated front and center on historic River Street. Saddle Bags has a country dance night on Wednesdays, but stays busy on Thursday night and through the weekend. They often feature live music from bands who come straight out of Nashville. When entering, you’ll be joining Savannah’s most densely populated demographic of good ole Georgia boys and girls – a plus if your bachelorette party wants to gallop with horses of a similar shoe. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Saddlebags offers a variety of entertaining spectacles for your delight. Check out the classic pool tables, try your hand at a punching bag game, or get ready to hold on for dear life as you ride the bull. Give the bride a good time and a good ride!

Inspiration:Savannah Cocktail Co & Mataharis Speakeasy

Enjoy extravagant bliss and dance your heart out with these ideas for a roaring 20’s themed bachelorette party.

Savannah’s food and alcohol vendors know how to go all out on a good theme. The same is true for the ever popular 1920’s theme. Savannah is known for its carefree beauty and decadent architecture, so of course we have to have our own take on the extravagance of the 1920s. Far from plain sight, you’ll find two speakeasy bars that are sure to not only draw your curiosity, but instill some absinthe flavored awe as well.


The theme: Roaring 20’s

For the quick and easy – throw on a loose low-waisted dress, grab a beaded necklace, and a headband that you can tuck a feather into. For the more devoted, go all out in dresses covered in fringe, feathers, beads, and any other material you can get your hands on. Practice your best three finger wave or curl your hair and pin into a fake (or real) bob and add some clip-in bangs. Glam up your ensemble with a never ending list of accessories from art deco rings to long dangle earrings. The 1920s for women meant they could swap their subdued makeup looks of the past for a more bold look so go with vibrant or dark reds for your lips and cheeks. Follow the retro to the bottom and bless your feet with Mary Jane’s – a shoe that will not torture your feet the way six inch heels do. However you rock your 1920’s look, we know you’ll show up to some of Savannah’s best bars in style. For the bridesmaid’s party gifts and additions, we suggest getting matching beaded purses for your girls’ night out, or short feather covered fans, perhaps even flasks with some not so prohibited drink.


Savannah Cocktail Co

A beautiful intimate bar that is from another century, Savannah Cocktail Co is a unique and pleasant find housed above the CO restaurant. Follow the steps up and enter into the glam of the main bar at Co. Great for both socializing and dancing, your bachelorette party won’t ever want to leave here. The main room stretches out into a luxurious seating area and dance floor. The setting and design of Co is immaculate with 1920’s era worthy wallpapers that meet an array of furniture also made to fit the part. If you and your party aren’t feeling a group vibe, feel free to dip into the back room for some more intimate moments. The back room has a slew of chairs and couches set up for smaller groups to break off and lounge on. Games are also featured in this back room, so you won’t grow bored no matter how many times you’ve read The Great Gatsby before going all out on the 1920’s theme. 

Mataharis Speakeasy


Tucked away in a River Street alley is a gem of a bar that fully embraces the spirit of the 1920s. When you see the historic steps leading down to the River you’ll not only be glad for your mary janes, but you’ll know Mataharis is near. Mataharis is a challenge to find and enter but once you are in, you’ll see why it’s one of Savannah’s best kept secrets. If you don’t want to miss out, find someone in advance in Savannah who has a key to escort you in or go during their less busy hours. One door down from the 309 West’s back alley door, look for an entrance that is not overly pronounced and has a simple wood door with a light switch. Flip the switch to signal the doorman who then opens the flap to check if you have a key, a passcode, or the burning desire to be let in. Provided good fortune, you’ll be let in and permitted to enjoy, at last, the intimate setting, and absinthe laced cocktails. Singers take the stage singing nostalgia heavy songs ripped from the roaring 20s, and true to form, the singers wear 1920’s inspired fashion. The bartenders dress up as well, and the decor breaths of a luxurious intimate, and dance friendly setting. Burlesque shows also take place behind the main stage, and if you’re lucky to not only get in but to also be there on a show night, we highly recommend one of the sexy shows in town!

Inspiration: Jen’s and Friends & Lulu’s Chocolate Bar

Willie Wonka for adults, need we say more?

Come with us, and you’ll see a world of pure chocolate and sugar. What could be better? Add to that alcohol and we’ve come pretty close to everything we need and more. This theme is devoted to all the sweet tooths in the world, because who doesn’t want to look, talk, and eat sweet before their wedding day? Savannah has quite a few places on the map that are purely dedicated to the cultivation of high quality sweet treats. If you enjoy Adam Turoni’s Chocolat you’ll love these two bars themed to make your bachelorette party the sweetest party anyone has sunk their teeth into.


The theme: Willy Wonka For Adults

Get all of your research done by watching classic movies like Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Chocolat, and 13 Going on 30. When looking for outfits under this theme, think Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30 and the fun colorful dress she puts on for the classic dance. Don a feminine Willy Wonka inspired outfit and tout you chocolatier credentials, or take a simpler route by wearing any bright fun outfit that makes you feel sugared up and ready to go. Top it off with lots of fun accessories that any kid would be envious of. Got a pair of cupcake, lollipop, or macaroon earrings? Why not try and make headbands that include cupcakes, or your favorite dessert? Party favors are easy with this theme, give your girls a variety of sweet treats, customized cupcakes, and ring pops to help them get in the mood.


Jen’s and friends

All are welcome at one of the friendliest bars in Savannah. Here you’ll meet Jen and her husband who own and operate this bar alongside two of their employees. Martinis are a mainstay at Jens and Friends, but Jen who personally loves a good beer has plenty of other options stocked as well. The specialty list here goes on and on and includes some of the best candy inspired martinis you’ve ever heard of. Try a variety of flavors, listed by price range, from a shark gummy martini, candied apple, rice krispy treat, birthday cake, and so many more. After ordering, you’ll watch as Jen expertly shakes your flavor into a tasteful concoction that’s not too sweet and not too curt. In the case of the rice krispy treat martini, she rims the glass with a marshmallow fluff and then dips it into one of her many candy filled drawers. The rice krispies marry the fluff on the rim and,voilà, the glass is filled and ready to enjoy. And enjoy we do, as the many combinations make for an never ending night of good treats and booze.

lulu’s chocolate bar

Keep your dessert inspired night going with a trip to Lulu’s. This quaint, intimate setting is great for gabbing with friends over delicious treats.Once here you’ll enjoy a list of classic dessert martinis from chocolate to espresso and various specials. Lulu’s also features an array of carefully created desserts that pair exceptionally well with any of their beverages. Their staff is friendly and quick witted – always willing to give a girl’s night out a run for their money.


Any themes or places we forgot to highlight? What other Savannah places can we draw inspiration from? Comment below with any creative ideas.

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