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The Grey Restaurant located in Savannah,GA.

by Ivey Cananoglu
There is more to Savannah than the infamous to go cup which symbolically designates it as a fun partying place. While this is a sure draw for many groups to come to Savannah to celebrate their last hoorah before their big day, much more inspiration and fun can be drawn from Savannah’s latest restaurants and bars. In the past two years four bars and restaurants have popped up in Savannah that have definitely peaked the curiosity of visitors and locals and stepped up the culinary game and night scene in Savannah. Through carefully thought-out concepts, these bars and restaurants have created an intriguing Savannah experience that digs into Savannah’s unknown history while gently nodding to its southern roots and hospitality with the food, drinks, and decor.

Here’s to Savannah’s Curious Four to inspire your next bachelorette theme.

Inspiration:The Grey Restaurant and Bar

“The Grey continues the building’s long tradition of transporting people to a destination, but that destination is now one of elevated hospitality and intrinsic satisfaction.”

The Grey website

Once advertised as the best way to escape everyday life and explore the exotic for a great value, The Greyhound brand and its “luxurious” streamlined coaches and stations gave people a way to explore other locations and be social with small comforts. Today a former Savannah Greyhound terminal is giving locals and visitors a different way to escape and be transported. Built in 1938 as a Greyhound bus terminal, The Grey, has cleverly repurposed functional spaces from the bus station to feature its food, drinks and history. The Modern Art style and curved lines paired with the iconic blue sign on the outside are enough to draw you in but the art deco decor, cathedral ceiling, and elegant bar will keep you social in comfortable sophistication. Look out for the old diner that has become the bar, the ticket counter that has become the open kitchen and the departure area with the bays that now houses the dining room and main bar . It is a glamorous reinterpretation of a piece of America’s transportation past.

The theme: 1930’s Effortless Glamour

The 1930s was a return to femininity in fashion. Hollywood glamour and luxurious shapes and fabrics provided a great escape from the everyday hardships during this period of the depression. From everyday wear to evening wear, the form fitting style made a return and puff sleeves, full collars, shoulder pads and the accentuated waist brought out a feminine silhouette. It was the decade of the bias cut, the backless gown, and the little black dress.

For the Party:

Go all out with an art deco theme for decorations and get glamorous with accessories. Dress up the black dress or dare to bare with the short and sassy backless dresses.

For the party planner:

There is a private room available that once served as the shower area for the bus drivers.

For the History Buff:

The former station was a Jim Crow building that had segregated waiting areas and bathrooms for African Americans. Today the building takes a welcoming departure from its sour past and has a female African American chef, Mashama Bailey.

Inspiration:El Rocko Lounge

“The whole thing is like a 1970s jewel box and,despite its prominent location, has that hidden gem feel that out-of-towners are sure to devour.”

Anna Chandler, Connect Savannah

Walk past the busy intersection of Congress and Whitaker and you will come across El Rocko Lounge. Described as a “1970’s jewel box”, there is a lot of shimmer and sparkle to keep you visually delighted but there is nothing delicate about the vibe and entertainment at this popular spot. It frequently has live entertainment that will keep you rockin’ and everything from draught cocktails to PBR to get your buzz going. The gold bar, cushions and vintage gold wallpaper will make you feel part of the 1970s glam rock scene but the playful touches like the photo booth, jukebox, and pachinko machines will keep you “grounded” (and entertained).


The theme: 70s Golden Rock

Nothing says “golden” more than the fashion worn by the Glam Rockers of the 1970’s (also known as glitter rock). Glitter or shiny ensembles, makeup, tight pants or pantsuits, and platforms were widely seen and bright color, ruffles, feathers and rich or shiny fabrics added texture and dimension. Glam Rock took inspiration from many different sources including 1930s fashion, military clothing , and even sci-fi, so the possibilities are endless.

For the Party:

Take cues from the popular gold party theme idea that uses gold and glitter in the decor and mix in black touches and fringe or tassels to give an edge. For your outfits, tone down the look by incorporating one or two golden or shimmery pieces with black or another bold color. Tight pants and high heels or platforms are a must! Get inspired here or on this website.

For the party planner:

El Rocko steps up its game with barrel-aged cocktails. Make sure to get a taste.

For the History Buff:

El Rocko Lounge is named after an old Savannah bar that some would say has a shady past but brings fond memories to its co-owner, Wes Daniel. Daniel is known in Savannah for his previous bar, Hang Fire, and its infamous Scorpion Tea, also available at El Rocko Lounge.

Inspiration:The Wyld Dock Bar

“The menu is rich with creativity, as Chef Tony takes a saltwater approach towards classic menu items.”

Jared A. Jackson, Connect Savannah

Follow the boats, kayaks, and outdoor enthusiasts to this small local spot on the creek. Well off the beaten path, the restaurant and bar effortlessly uses a combination of outdoor and indoor spaces and decor to make you feel like you stumbled upon on an outdoor gem miles away from the city center. The intimate indoor areas share the same spectacular view of the marshes and resemble the local quaint fish restaurants you find in Europe. To top it all off, the restaurant has live music during the warm months and a courtyard that has a bocce court and a fire pit to make it a one of a kind experience.


The theme: Last Wyld Night

Let The Wyld inspire you to be on the hunt for some spectacular views and outdoor adventures. Camp out at Skidaway State Park where you can enjoy the trails in the maritime forest and salt marshes or rent some kayaks and make your way over to Little Tybee Island, an uninhabited nature reserve south of Tybee Island. If the traditional camping doesn’t appeal to you, try the glamourous version of camping, Glamping, and set up your private bespoke bash in an outdoor area at a vacation rental or similar space.


For the Party:

Skip the decor and just grab your camping gear and go if you are ready for some traditional camping. If glamping is more your style, get some inspiration from this stylized shoot and get ready to rent or build your own tents, teepees, or some other chic shelter. Get creative with the food and drinks by creating easy but delectable treats like raspberry s’mores or blue cheese filled bacon-wrapped mushrooms. Create an eye catching area for eating and drinking with a small table, cushions or pillows for the seating, and lots of small pieces like lanterns, candles, flowers or greenery to set the mood.

For the party planner:

The food and drinks at The Wyld are exceptional and could easily be the main star. Don’t miss out on the Oyster Roasts and Brunch where you can enjoy the food and good company.


For the History Buff:

Georgia has a history of girls gathering for camping adventures. Shortly after the start the Girl Scouts in Savannah,GA, girls began camping in the area. In the 1920s, Juliette Gordon Low set up the first Girl Scout camp, Camp Juliette Low, in Chattooga County GA in the 1920s. If you want a Girl Scout themed camping experience, get some ideas from this shoot.


The last bar on our list has the richest and oldest history but is a newcomer to the bar scene. The Artillery Bar is close to the popular intersection of Liberty and Bull Street and is a stunner with its dramatic Venetian Gothic spiraling terracotta columns and the ogee arches that frame its entrance. The exquisite lighting that highlights the intricate details of the facade makes it glow from afar. The building was originally built for the Georgia Hussars, a mounted cavalry regiment organized by General James Oglethorpe in 1736, to aid in the protection of the colony in its early beginnings and it said to have housed the calvary’s artillery. The interior features modern decor that creates intimate and elegant spaces that showcases the architectural features of the building while subtly hinting at its military past. Cocktails and service are elevated to an experience at this bar. Tables include a service or call button and the menu includes their version of the historical “Artillery Punch” served in the south’s symbol of hospitality- the Pineapple.


The theme:Vintage Military

The Georgia Hussars provided service to the state of Georgia during multiple wars including, World War I and World War II. If a military wedding is upcoming, carry the theme over to your bachelorette party. Draw from WWII for inspiration. Canvas, olive drab, and khaki were commonly seen in uniforms and gear in the 1940s and now are commonly associated with the military. During this time, War propaganda also began to popularize the image of the pin up and femininity.


For the Party:

Mix retro or vintage pieces with colors of olive and khaki to serve as the base of your decor. If you can, snag some pieces made out of military canvas or army blankets to add some special touches. To make it personal, add photos of the couple and special “tokens of love” like letters, or any small gifts that carry memories for the couple. Get all dolled up and look elegant by wearing pencil skirts, a form fitting top,stockings, heels, and of course red lips. If you prefer a dress, go with a look inspired by the retro uniforms .

For the party planner:

If well crafted cocktails are your party’s thing than this is the place to go to indulge. The impressive marble bar has a unique liquor selection that will keep your party happy.


For the History Buff:

The large store front windows of the Artillery give away another piece of the building’s history. The building once housed a watch, clock and jewelry store but also served as an automobile showroom for a local Ford dealership.

More themes are coming in future posts. Make sure to check back.

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